About 30 Below 30

30 Below 30: Dividing Line

Our youth hold the key to the future, but they are also changing the world around us. We think they deserve recognition for the amazing work they do. 30 Below 30 was created to promote successful young individuals - under the age of 30 - with the goal of inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. We want builders to ignite dreams. As renowned scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson put it, "Once you have an innovation culture, even those who are not scientists or engineers - poets, actors, [or] journalists ... they embrace the concept of innovation."

Our Dream

Stronger united than divided.
If we can bring innovators together, we can inspire a generation.

Our Services

Research, publicity, & networking.
30 Below 30 finds leaders about whom the public needs to know.

Our Picks

Captains of Industry.
30 Below 30 members are hand picked and made it for a reason.


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