30 Below 30: Technology Professionals
  • Evan Spiegel & Bobby Murphy
    Age: 23 & 25
    • Company Snapchat
    • Job Title Founders | CEO & CTO

    Evan Spiegel & Bobby Murphy are not just the creators of a trendy app; they have gone to battle with the world's largest social media platform and its founder. More impressively, they won. Critics can say what they will about the these two, but their innovation in social sharing addresses a real need for anonymity in an increasingly invasive internet. Although many called them crazy for turning down a $3 Billion (Yes.. with a "B") offer from Facebook, a recent round of funding put the company's valuation at around $10 Billion in August. Time and again, the two have proven themselves to be forward looking in terms of tech and savvy when it comes to the business side of things.

  • Pete Cashmore
    Age: 29
    • Company Mashable
    • Job Title Founder & CEO

    Pete Cashmore entered the tech spotlight when he was just a 19 year old in Aberdeen, Scotland. He has grown what was once a small blog into a multi-national online news outlet, covering everything from social media and entertainment to new gadgets. Today, Mashable is in the top 200 most visited websites in the world, and Pete has been recognized for his achievements by the likes of Forbes, Inc, Time Magazine, and the Huffington Post.

  • Lewis Hilsenteger
    Age: 29
    • Company Unbox Therapy
    • Job Title Founder & Host

    Lewis Hilsenteger has coupled an interest in new consumer technology and an approachable on camera personality into one of the most prolific tech-focused YouTube channels online today. After amassing tens of millions of views and nearly 1.5 million active YouTube subscribers, Lewis has pivotted his online fame into a new company Quarterly.co which sends a number of his favorite tech items to fans on a quarterly basis.

  • David Karp
    Age: 27
    • Company Tumblr
    • Job Title Founder & CEO

    David Karp founded Tumblr in 2007, when he was just 20 years old. Tumblr quickly grew from a side project into an incredibly popular microblogging website which acts as the back-end for more than 200 million blogs globally. David sold his platform to Yahoo! for $1.1 billion, and his site now is within the 50 most visited in the world

  • Ankit Gupta & Akshay Kothari
    Age: 27 & 28
    • Company Pulse @ LinkedIn
    • Job Title Founders & Product Managers

    Originally from India, Ankit Gupta and Akshay Kothari met as first year graduate students at Stanford University where they were studying computer science and electrical engineering respectively. It was a course called "Launchpad" they were both enrolled in through Stanford's d school, the School of Engineering's design program, that gave them the creative environment to develop Pulse, their breakout app. The iPad had just come out, and both Gupta and Kothari realized that whoever was first to market with apps for the new platform would be well ahead of the competition. Pulse aggregates and provides customizable news feeds based on a user's interests. Gupta and Kothari achieved commercial success when Pulse was acquired by LinkedIn in 2013, and they remain with the company today.

  • Tracy Chou
    Age: 26
    • Company Pinterest
    • Job Title Tech Lead

    Tracy Chou attended college at Stanford University. While a student, she interned at both Facebook and Google. In 2009 Tracy received her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and in 2010 she received her Master of Science degree in Computer Science. Since leaving Stanford, Tracy spent a brief stint at Quora before accepting a software engineer position at Pinterest. It is there, with company approval, she made a name for herself. She received the go-ahead from Pinterest to release hard numbers of the percentages of female engineers compared to their male counterparts. Before the release of diversity data at Pinterest, industry standard had been to closely guard the data. Her work highlighted huge discrepancies in hiring practices and has since caused the industry to actively diversify.

  • Meredith Perry
    Age: 25
    • Company uBeam
    • Job Title Founder & CEO

    Meredith Perry graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011 with a degree in Paleobiology. She worked at the NASA Ames Research Center where she used her education and experience to help NASA search for life on Mars. She then became NASA's student ambassador, where she fought to get young students excited about STEM careers and NASA. While helping NASA search for life on other planets, Meredith's ambition and innovative way of thinking lead her to discover that she could wirelessly charge portable electronic devices. In 2012 Meredith founded uBeam, a company that many believe will change the future. uBeam, propelled by Meredith's innovation and ambition, wants to bring wireless charging technology directly to our homes and devices.

  • Jennie Lamere
    Age: 18
    • Company Twivo
    • Job Title Founder

    Jennie Lamere is a remarkable young lady who created an app called Twivo at the age 17. As part of a New York hackathon, Jennie began to develop her application which has been positioned as a new way to put an end TV spoilers on Twitter. She won the competition and has since launched Twivo for Google Chrome's Web Store. Although early on her path to becoming a captain of industry, Jennie is among our Tech 30 Below 30 for her story's ability to inspire youth around the world.

  • Patrick & John Collison
    Age: 25 & 23
    • Company Stripe
    • Job Title Founders | CEO & President

    Patrick dropped out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010 and ended up as a co-founder of Auctomatic alongside his brother John, which they later sold to Live Current Media, Inc. Two months later he was named the director of engineering for the company's new base in Vancouver. Currently, Patrick and John are the co-founders of Stripe. Previous to Stripe's creation, John attended Harvard University until September 2009. He is also an accomplished pilot and pianist.